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Taipei Tech won championship in 25th SAE Supermileage Competition

The 25th SAE Supermileage Competition is a huge thing for vehicle departments in academia field at home and abroad. This year, 42 teams from different schools around the country joined the event. The competition aims to boost research regarding to increase fuel efficiency and new energy power. Through the process of design and manufacture, students can apply theory they learnt to practice.

Efficient Apex team from Taipei Tech won first prize in Fuel-efficient Vehicle Group. In addition to competition itself, Taipei Tech along with other schools were invited to perform and showcase the power and beauty of their designed vehicle. The winner for the Electric Vehicle Group is Transform team from Da-Yeh University.

Taipei Tech team has been working on improving vehicle’s design such as shock absorber in order to not only stood out in the 25th SAE Supermileage Competition but also in other international competitions abroad.


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