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Taipei Tech reveals advanced disaster prevention and rescue technology

Taipei Tech held a press conference/exhibition on advanced disaster prevention and rescue technology on June 15. Many useful technologies caught audience eyes. Below are three to name a few.

Flood forecasting and distributed computing system

Joint developed by Je-Hao Zhang, Associated Professor from the Department of Civil Engineering, and Water Resources Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs, the “Flood Forecasting and Distributed Computing System” use hydro meteorological information to predict debris flows when issued a land warning for typhoon. Taiwan has 26 rivers Administered by Central Government. With the help of Taipei Tech’s research team, we can know how the water level is going to change in 60 minutes. This system has been running for years, and has been helpful when big typhoon hits Taiwan such as the Typhoon Soudelo in 2015.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Real-time 3D Search System

The “Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Real-time 3D Search System” designed by associate professor Guo Zhen Chang at the Department of Graduate Institute of Civil and Disaster Prevention Engineering at Taipei Tech can send aerial photo back to the control center and made 3D image. With the “Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Real-time 3D Search System”, rescue team can update situation in no time.

 Application of Earthquake Loss Estimation System

Since Taiwan is in earthquake zone, evaluation of the seismic capacity of building is a crucial issue for us. Developed by Yu-Qi Song, Professor from the Department of Civil Engineering, SERCB for Bridge and Building is like a doctor who can diagnose weak spot for buildings. Song noted that building technician can check the seismic capacity of a ten-floor building by key in basic data such as beam size in half a day. This system has received a certification from the Construction and Planning Agency, Ministry of Interior, and is expected to avoid poor-structured buildings to cause personnel losses in earthquakes combined with household registration system in the future.

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