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How to throw away food waste smartly?

We all have to eat to survive. But do you know that we only consumed 40% food and waste 60% of it? Each family throws 1-2 Kg of food waste away on average. Only 1.6% of food waste was recycled, most of them end up in landfill and waste incinerator that generate greenhouse gases emission. How to create an ecological environment and make our Earth clean? Tackling on the problem of food waste seems to be one of the solutions. Taipei Tech student designed a Food Waste Composting Machine, Green Eater, for household and protect our environment from our daily life.

Green Eater can compress the food waste into 5% of its original size and convert it into valuable compost pellets for conveniently fertilizing flower and plant. Screw Cylinder design elevate the speed of drying process, making compost pellets possible at any time thus prevent home from bad odors, insects and bacteria. Operated and controlled by computerized program, Green Eater automatically cuts off power as soon as the job was done therefore minimize energy consumption. The other unique feature of this machine is that the compost pellet holder is transparent so user can see directly through the process of food waste becoming valuable resource.

Designed by Ying-Yi Hsieh and instructed by Wen-Yin Chen, Green Eater won Bronze A' Design Award Winner for Home Appliances Design Category in 2016.


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